How Music Has Helped My During The Pandemic

November 1, 2021 by No Comments

As I returned from my February 2020 skiing trip in Italy, panic set in when the realization that the UK was facing a deadly disease began to sink in. Corona virus was a new disease at the time, and I didn’t think it could have such a devastating effect on my life, or my job.

After graduating from the University of Chester, I had hoped to be the next music journalist at any well-known music magazine. But the overcrowded journalism market made it almost impossible. I chose to work on a university campus as a receptionist. I enjoyed it until I experienced the chaos of furloughs and started working remotely.

Three months of Summer furlough is not something you should complain about. The only thing that you shouldn’t be complaining about is the feeling that it will soon end and you won’t have any money. It did. It was then that the crushing realization of “you don’t have any money coming in” hit like a ton of bricks. It was frightening.

It was difficult enough to find a job that you wanted or needed before the pandemic. But, adding the majority of the population searching for new jobs was difficult. After six weeks of crying, phone calls to Universal Credit, who, by the way thought that PS9 was enough payment for a whole months, and constant job searching , I finally found a job that suits me perfectly and makes me happy. I get to express my creativity and writing skills.

You will always remember music in big moments of your lives, such as the bands you saw at a festival or the song that you heard on repeat. Some albums were also a great help in the darkest days of the pandemic.

Caribou’s 2020 album Suddenly really brought a smile to my face every time that I listened. Because they were easy to listen to and so chilled, the breezy, summery sounds felt soothing. I didn’t like listening to angry, stomping songs in an environment where my head was constantly stomping and angry at new news updates every two minutes. Reminder: Please delete the BBC News app. Fleet wood Mac and bouncy soulful characters Otis Redding and Chic will have you dancing and forgetting all the problems of the world. They’re new favorites too. Music has been a powerful healer.

I am thankful for the pandemic in some way. It was the most difficult and frustrating time we will probably ever experience, but it gave me the motivation to pursue a new career or discover new hobbies. I also gained a greater appreciation for those close to my heart. It’s an incredible achievement that six of my housemates have survived the pandemic and not been killed.

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