Ten Best VST Plugins For Music Production

November 13, 2021 by No Comments

What’s VST?

VST is the acronym for “Virtual Studio Technology”, and it’s pretty clear. This technology is almost identical to the one used in most music production and mixing studios.

The modern producer can’t work without this because people are shifting from the traditional “hands-on” approach to creating and mixing music to digital approaches or working entirely in their DAW (digital audio worker station) on computers.

There are two main types of VSTs: instruments and effects. Banks with instruments such as synths, orchestras, pianos and more can be found on the website. The effects are based on mixing gear and effects found in studios such as equalizers and reverbs.

In this article we will be focusing on VSTs’ effects and listing them in in any order. These 10 picks are likely to be in 90% of our mixes, and without them our process wouldn’t be the same. Let’s get to the bottom of this list.

1. Pro-Q 3 from FabFilter

We referred to this plugin in some of our instructional videos as our “good friend”. This plugin is probably the most used on all channels. It is a flexible and precise EQ and also features a spectrum analyzer. You can see the frequency curve and adjust accordingly.

The Pro Q 3 has a dynamic EQ mode that allows it to apply a dynamic designer to the selected band. This is something new. The signal will respond to the area’s loudness. This means that the signal will be less attenuated the louder it gets. This is a great feature.

We love that the EQ allows you to place a specific band in a certain spot. They can be placed in the middle, to the sides or left and right. This is where the EQing can be really creative and create something truly unique frequency-wise. Plugin worth having!

2. Universal Audio – Neve 1073

Rupert Neve, a renowned console designer, built the 1073 mic preamp/EQ. It dates back to 1970 where it was part of the Neve custom made console. Universal Audio decided that they would emulate the preamp/EQ and include this plugin in their vast array of amazing plugins.

The new plug-in 1073 has a vertical mount, while the Legacy model had a horizontal one. It is also sweeter and larger than the Legacy UI. The plug-in accurately models every circuit of the “golden” 1073, paying particular attention to the transformer.

This preamp is a great choice for recording vocals and acoustic guitars. This is a great option if you don’t have the funds or are unable to buy a preamp.

3. Abbey Road from Waves

Waves and Abbey Road Studios collaborated on another emulation of hardware that is inextricably connected to the iconic studios. It’s a thoughtful emulation not only of one, but several of those iconic compressors that gives an unique sound with a few trendy twists.

According to legend, the compressor was used in all tracks recorded by The Beatles at Abbey Road. This suggests that the compressor will have an vintage touch and something that is similar to the time period these songs were recorded.

This plugin is the best choice if you want to add some character to your compression. This compressor is also great for music with live instruments.

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