The Element Of Enjoying Live Music Again

November 1, 2021 by No Comments

If someone had told you last year that I would finally be attending a festival in September, I would have laughed. After months of disappointment, uncertainty, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled events, festivals and events, I was not expecting to enjoy a semi-normal live concert with no restrictions. But, I was at a London festival with my closest friends, enjoying live music.

The Field Day was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was on Cloud nine, bouncing around the stages in glittery costumes and having a good time. It was an enjoyable pastime to wait in line for portaloos. It was a 45-minute conversation with strangers about their lives and what brought them to this place. This is what festivals are all about. It’s the friendships that you make for ten minute, the “Ooh, where did you get you dress?”, and the sharing of songs or laughing when something strange happens in a crowd. It was electric. It was electric. People were smiling across their faces, and arms were pinning the air. Everyone was packed together in tight groups – something we hadn’t seen for a while. It was difficult to believe that we were still recovering from a pandemic as we sat in the crowd, pushing up against sweaty bodies, and conversing with strangers without masks or social distancing. But it was amazing.

You then remember why you are there: the joy of live music. Bicep’s glue floods Field Day’s East Stage, sending out swooshes that are as spine-tingling as the beeps. Their iconic blue and pink lights fill the sky. They’re the comforting sound that you haven’t heard: they are the duo you can always rely on to complete your night. The duvet you wrap around your neck when the sun goes down and your bev jacket is gone. You can feel the excitement in the crowd and make it more real.

All Points East Monday was a completely different story. We were swept away by the crowd at Bombay Bicycle Club and immersed in a pool full of happy-go-lucky, indie music and crowd-pleasing acts. This was the festival’s long-awaited happy bouncing. As I looked around at the people having fun, my arms were in the air, and my mouth was open wide as I sang along to Always Like This and Luna, I realized how much I had missed live events.

Imagine it – a summer festival night with huge queues at the toilets, chip vans and smoke from flares. The sun peeking through clouds still gives us a glimpse of the bright blue sky. It’s the perfect way to end the season, and it’s the perfect evening you have longed for.

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