Five Important Rules to Remember When Submitting Music to Blogs

May 10, 2022 by No Comments

Are you looking to have your track featured on your favorite music blog? You need to make a great first impression, whether you are submitting your music on big sites or smaller indie blogs.

No matter your style or genre, there is a blog for you. Fans who want to buy and listen to your music will also read the blog. How do you get there?

How to submit to music blogs

Your music must be original or interesting enough that the curator or blogger notices it.

This is the most important unwritten rule. Even if your music is great, it’s still important to present it well. Here are five essential tips to help your track get more attention.

Select the right blog for your music

You should ensure that your music is submitted to a blog that features similar tracks. It sounds simple. It sounds simple.

Imagine if you sent out 1000 generic emails. Would you get played? You might. However, you will also be annoying many people who might have enjoyed your music if they had listened.

Follow these submission guidelines.

This is a crucial point. You risk losing your submission track if you don’t adhere to the submission guidelines of the blog where you are submitting. These guidelines will be posted on the site and most likely on the submission page. These guidelines are important. Follow them.

Locate the right contact information

Many music blogs will offer a submission form. Sometimes, it is just a matter of finding the contact information of the person responsible.

Send your music to the correct person. You should take the time to locate the person responsible for submissions to send your email with a “Dear John” instead of a generic “Dear Mr. Music Blogger” or something similar. This shows that you have taken the time to research the blog and are interested in what it offers.

Make sure you check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Bloggers will be able to understand your grammar, spelling and punctuation if you are proficient in punctuation. Music bloggers are often professional writers. If you make a lot of spelling errors, they will be able to tell. They might not ignore you completely, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t notice. This shows a lack of professionalism. Get a friend or bandmate to review your submission before sending it out.

Bloggers will find it easy.

Clear links to your social media pages or track should be included, regardless of whether it’s on YouTube Soundcloud Spotify Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud or all the rest. Instead of filling up your inbox with large files or forcing them to download stuff, please send a link. Double-check that the link works.

A bio will likely be required to explain a bit about you and your music. Keep it short and to the point but interesting enough to grab their attention. Do not send an essay. An essay is too long.

That’s it. These are five simple ways to increase your chances of your music being featured on a blog.

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