Five Tips to Combat, the Blockage of Musical Writers

May 10, 2022 by No Comments

If you are lucky, songwriting will be something that you feel a natural passion for. If you are not as fortunate, songwriting might seem difficult or impossible right now. Music-makers all go through when it feels effortless or difficult to create music. A difficult period in your music career is not a reason to give up but rather an opportunity to get deeper. Many musicians will tell you that these periods of boom and bust are normal in songwriting. They also say that it’s not a reason to give up. These are five strategies to combat writer’s block.

Try a new instrument.

Writer’s block is characterized by newness, curiosity, risk, and openness to learning. Including a new instrument in your writing process will enable you to embrace these qualities. Boredom is caused by predictability, but it’s impossible not to learn something new when learning music. It’s impossible to be “good” at playing a new instrument. That’s what the point is. You want to feel uncomfortable and disoriented. It’s possible not to use the information you wrote on the instrument or how it sounds in your recordings. That’s perfectly fine. This is not about mastering a new instrument but unlocking creative energy.

Explore your options and explore the possibilities of trying something new

Boredom is inevitable when you keep writing the same songs. Sometimes we don’t like to change how we write because we are too lazy or afraid of failing. If you want to make music again, you must be willing to effort and fail. It is possible to change how you write by either doing what you do best or trying something new. It doesn’t matter the details as long as you do something new.

Work with someone new.

It’s a great way for creative people to come together. A new person brings new ideas, energy and perspectives to the table. Collaborations are all about relationships, and each one is unique. Working with someone new can open up new possibilities for music.

Find new music

You might be bored of making music if you aren’t interested in listening to it. It’s a good lifestyle choice to listen to new music. This can help you get excited about creating again. Why shouldn’t you create an incredible song like someone else? You’ll also be inspired by the ideas that you hear. Although we often believe that listening to new music is something that we do only when we are young, it can be a great practice for songwriting regardless of your age.

Take a break

Last but not least, taking regular breaks is important to combat musical writer’s block. Every serious songwriter knows the work involved in creating music. You can’t just keep going no matter how much you love what you do. You should take a break if you are feeling exhausted. Depending on how you feel, you might need to take a break for several months or even a whole year. However, if you feel bored and stuck with your music for a while, a longer break may be necessary. You can recharge your creativity and come up with new ideas by hitting the pause button. Remember that you must live a rich life to have songs to sing about. Taking breaks can be beneficial for your music in many ways.

Musicians can suffer from writer’s block, but it doesn’t have to be a constant problem. You can overcome difficult periods by putting in the effort and taking breaks when necessary.

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