How to find music promoters and book gigs

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You’ll need to contact gig promoters or venue bookers to arrange gig dates, regardless of whether you focus your efforts on the local circuit. Here are some guidelines for getting with promoters and venues to get those important gigs booked.

Here’s a brief guide to getting gigs

Where do you start?

You’ll be able to identify local venues and promoters if you have your ears on the ground. To meet more promoters in your area, you should also try to attend other bands’ gigs.

You can also look at venue gig listings if you are looking for local contacts or gigs in another city or town.

Talk to other bands and ask them for recommendations on promoters they have worked with. The Unsigned Guide online music directory can be a great starting point if you are looking for venues and promoters.

Do your research

First of all, get to know your local music scene inside out. You’ll probably already be aware of the popular music venues in your area, and these are good places to start getting bookings. Make sure to attend the gigs of other local bands and introduce yourself to the bookers and promoters close to home.

Although it might be tempting to send your music to every promoter contact you have come across, this is a waste of time that will ultimately lead to you spending your time investigating the matter further.

See what music promoters have done and who they’ve booked in the past. Is it in line with your music style? If you are a heavy band, it’s not worth emailing an acoustic promotor. Before you click the Send button, please take a few minutes to look at their website and see the recent gigs they have organized.

What should you send?

The industry differs in how gig promoters want to hear from musicians and what they prefer to hear about your tracks. While some prefer MP3s by email, others prefer to get them via Facebook.

The Unsigned Guide’s Venue and Promoter listings will give you information about how each contact would like to hear from your music. You will find information on many promoters’ websites about how to submit music. Make sure you read their guidelines.

It’s best to keep your contact brief and pertinent. It’s a good idea to briefly introduce yourself, your music, and any notable gigs that you have played. It’s good to mention if the promoter has put on bands similar to yours in the past. This will show that you are a person who is doing your research.

A press kit is a great idea. This is a simple way to get all the information they need in one click. But make sure you keep it updated! Include contact information for your band and links to social media and websites.

Independent musicians can improve their sound and gain new fans by performing live. Every performance is important. This includes intimate gigs at local venues and sold-out shows throughout the country. It’s also crucial to contact venue promoters and gig bookers to ensure your next live show.

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