Music is a reflection of culture.

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Nadia Anjuman, an Afghan girl, Mrs Shahla Zaland sang this song. She sang with deep emotion and tears in her eyes, expressing the pain and suffering of Afghan women. Her haunting sentiments and melodious voice could perfectly reflect the unluckiness of Afghan women. Her magic touched everyone.

Poems and songs can evoke blazing emotions. These emotions are expressed in words. Poetry and song result from poets who feel strong emotions, bitter feelings, separation and loneliness, or the effects of a tragedy. They might be reliving a painful memory or expressing dismay at the bitterness of living. These touching stories and passionate emotions are the themes of our verse and songs.

Music and poetry reflect the culture and folklore in a society. This can be seen in the national rhythm, compatriotic, and traditional songs. These songs are derived from epics, classical literature, and heroic poetry. Songs and music reflect history, values and norms, and the mentality of a community. Folklore and cultural ceremonies are often celebrated with music and songs to show the customs and traditions of a society. Music is an important part of our ever-changing culture.

Music can provide solace for many people. It can help them feel happy and energized by the beat and rhythm. Music can help them feel happy and content when they feel down or lonely. Some people love to travel with music and their loved ones in utopian or romantic cities. They can imagine their love in a fantasy world, and then they relax and sigh with relief. Music is thought to be a form of relaxation. Overloading your mind with music can have a negative effect. As an example, one can’t eat enough to satisfy their hunger. The same goes for the mind and spirit. Music overload can lead to brain disorders and abnormally functioning minds. It is better to limit your music consumption.

Music can also remind a sad memory or tragedy for some listeners. Music is a way to remember the worst moments in their lives. They might listen to sad music to express their emotions or even move to tears. Music can be a soothing refuge for disappointed lovers. It can even make it worse. Music can be a depressing and even fatal distraction for these people.

Music is the expression of courage, heroism, and history. Unfortunately, Western music has influenced our musical tastes. The fashion for Western music has influenced the styles of many singers. It’s a crude imitation of a foreign style. These people have lost their culture and have no idea of their history.

One of the problems is the Media, which broadcasts immoral programs and disregards moral standards. They broadcast music and dancing directed by actresses who are completely unattached from moral and religious values. They perform with frenzy as singers and dancers. Our younger generation copies these artists. This is hardly reflective of the country’s cultural values. This trend is a threat to the morality of our youth and their religious beliefs. The media is to blame.

Some of our youth also cross the line of freedom to play music in public places, such as buses or on their way to school, work, or wherever they go, without headphones. Some hotels and CD-selling shops play music loudly. These acts are against moral values and cultural norms. Male passersby may play music and not pay attention to females. Some even raise the volume when they approach females. This may lead to street abuse. This is why it should be stopped immediately. The human mind is affected by high decibel music.

Listening to religious music can help them satiate their souls and give them the energy they need. They feel the holiness and comfort of the song with all their hearts and minds. Their minds have become accustomed to the holy nature of religious songs, which is why they can relax by listening to this kind of music. People who listen to religious songs will often remember a religious hero and the morality or personality of their heroes. It is worth listening to songs that revive religious values.

Sung poems must be appropriate or, at the very least, in line with the moral standards of society. Singers must be respectful of the folklore and culture of their country. Many people will sing anything they want to entertain the youth of our society. They are believed to be a threat to the morality and well-being of our youth rather than helping them. Our music should represent our culture and not profit from it.

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