What kind of emails do musicians send to their fans?

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Emailing your fans is not a one-size-fits-all process. You’ll need to experiment a lot to find what your fans like.

To get started, there are three main types of emails you should send to your fans:

1. Welcome email

It’s basically what the name says: an email inviting your fan to join your mailing list.

Consider any time you subscribe to a newsletter. You immediately expect to get an automated email in the inbox. This informs the subscriber that they have successfully subscribed to the newsletter and have been added to the mailing lists.

These are some welcome email examples:

As with the others, welcome emails should contain thanks to your subscriber and information about what they can expect from your future emails – such as content, frequency, etc.

You might also find the following in a welcome email:

Encouragement to Follow you on social media

– Links to your most recent release, or merch

– They have the option to unsubscribe, if they wish to

– A personal message to connect fans






2. Newsletters

Your newsletters are the most important email that you send to your followers. Why? Why?

It is up to the artist how often you send out newsletters. Once a month is a good rule of thumb. However, if you are able to commit to it more frequently and have enough content to write about it, then go for!

It’s also possible to include a custom-made approach. It’s important to include a varied mix of video and image . Even an interactive poll can be entertaining.

These newsletter creators have sent examples to their followers . Get inspired for your own.




You can see that the newsletters are dominated by news and updates. Fans have many options to find more information through links.

Here are some additional content ideas for your newsletter:

– Playlists what are you currently listening to?

Stories on the road

Snaps from your rehearsal room

– Now on Sale

– Vocal and instrumentaltechniques that you are currently working on

Behind-the scenes film footage

Videos about your pets

Album Artwork Designs

The better personal and creative the more you have!






3. Announcements

Announcement emails must contain information regarding major news you are dropping. Announcement emails should include strong>information about big news that you’re dropping. HTML3_

Perhaps you are going on tour? Are you releasing a new single? Before any major announcement or news release, make sure you are on your mailing list.

Include details about the gig or tour you are announcing

– Venue(s).

– Date(s), time(s), and duration of the show(s).

– Additional acts in the line-up

Tickets and pricing (with hyperlinks)

Make sure you link to the place where tickets can be purchased when you announce a gig.


Tip: A way to incentive’s pre-release tickets is price them lower than their on-the-door charges, or bundle them with merchandise.


Include details about the new single or album you are announcing

– Release/Prerelease Date

– Where to stream/download it (with hyperlinks)

Your CTA should contain a link to your music so people can listen or purchase it.

These are some announcement emails for new singles, tours, and merchandise from Sam Fender and Adele:


To access the icon at the bottom left, click on go fullscreen .



Tip: Album releases can include a track download, video access, or a photo of the cover art.



Note: Pre-release buzz is vital! You can build buzz around your release by emailing your fans in the time before it launches. This could include rough demos, recordings of studio footage, and artwork drafts.



You could also email your friends with the following:


Reminders are sent in the days or weeks before your big announcement. These reminders should be useful, i.e.remind fans about the start of your tour, but not remind them that you have a new design.

Purchase Confirmations

These emails can only be used if your eCommerce site is an official one. Merch specials include information about promotions and bundles you are currently holding, while Purchase Confirmations automate the process of confirming an order and thanking fans for purchasing from your site.



Tips to write emails to your fans

These tips can be applied to all types of email, making them useful for approaching the writing part of your emails.

Make it worthwhile and valuable.

Your fans are likely to expect a lot from you if they sign up for your emails.

makes it worthwhile.

Your subscribers should find the content of your emails to be valuable. This does not necessarily mean giving away freebies or other swag, but providing a high-value offering to your subscribers in terms of what they want from your emails. You could link to a private stream, sheet music lyrics, or pre-saved album.

These will create a deeper relationship between you, your fans, and they’ll see that every email comes with rewarding content.

Use actionable language & CTAs.

Do not be vague about what you want your subscribers do. This is obviously dependent on the email that you use, as each has its own purpose and goals.

However, the rule remains in force – must be direct.

Tell people that your CTA is intended to get them to listen to your new single and not ask them to. This can be done in a non-pushy manner by using command words such as “Listen”, “Watch”, and “Buy”, etc.

For example, you might say..

“I am so happy that I can share my new single with you!” Listen now by clicking here

Know your audience.

is the key to email marketing. It should be relating to your audience.

If they are your fans, they probably have the same interest or purpose – to hear about you and your music.

However, if your mailing list is particularly large, you can do some data analysis and tracking to target specific fans with your emails.

You can do this based on location, engagement rate, or demographics. You could also look at what artists have similar fan bases to yours and include their emails.

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