What Should You Charge for a Gig?

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If you are asked “How much?” – do you say PS70? PS400? PS800? Is your price too high? Perhaps you feel that you are asking too much. You might have been told the phrase, “actually, on this occasion, I am afraid that there are no performers but it is an excellent opportunity for exposure.” Exposure doesn’t pay the bills. You may feel that it’s too difficult to perform for 50 pence at a pub, let alone put your new material out there for no charge.

We have good news for those who find this sound familiar. It doesn’t need to be difficult with our easy explanation of setting a gig price. You can easily charge more for gigs if you have the right tools and knowledge.

Five questions you should ask to ensure that you are paid fairly for gigs.

You need to gather the following information before deciding on a cash figure. You want to do the following, just as you would practice and prepare for a performance:

1. What size company is booking you?

2. Which type of gig are you looking for – private or corporate?

3. Do you volunteer for a charity?

4. Are you familiar with anyone who has done this same job before?

5. What is the minimum amount?

This will allow you to get a better idea of your charges and give you more control over your career. It is easier to determine a reasonable charge if you have more information.

What is the best price for live music?

These 5 questions will help you focus on the financial and practical aspects of the venue or company that employs you.

1. The company that booked you.

They are who? Are they a major brand? Perhaps it’s a local business. While you may be happy working for a local business for a cocktail reception or Christmas party, if the goal is to open a new Dubai shopping center for a major brand, PS800 is a great place to start.

2. What type of gig do you want?

If a corporation is large, it will have a budget for entertainment at any given event. While this may not always be possible, it is important not to suggest a low price if asked. For gigs directly with large corporations, you should not charge less than PS500. You can spend less if it’s a private event, but you shouldn’t lower your minimum budget.

3. Do you volunteer for a charity?

You may perform for free if it is. If it’s a well-established charity, you have the right to request expenses for your travel and time. This is something that people might argue with. However, it’s important to remember that the catering staff won’t be working for free if you are hosting a dinner.

4. Are you familiar with anyone who has done this same job before?

Ask your musicians’ friends. A music agency might pay less this year than the previous year to increase its profits. You may know someone who has had problems getting paid or not getting paid. Asking about the past experiences of people with companies is a good idea. Even if the actual cost is not discussed, it’s good to find out if a company can be trusted.

5. What is the minimum amount?

Last but not least, you will need to determine a minimum wage that you are willing and able to work for. This applies to all types of paid work. I wouldn’t work for less than PS100 to cover an event as a rule of thumb. You will be in complete control of the event and not be forced to do so by other brokers or corporations. The most important thing is…

Do not be afraid to say no!

You’re now ready to take charge of your career and begin making money. Do you know the best part? You won’t have to be as intimidated next time asking for more or standing firm. Do you want to land more top gigs in music? Go2musicians.com allows you to create your musician profile.

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